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Maternity Packages

Insurance Coverage: We do not accept insurance.  It is the responsibility of the client to verify insurance coverage for reimbursement. After your home delivery, a super bill can be provided to you to seek any reimbursement they may provide. There are several flexible payment plans available.

Bryan County: $5500

30-59 mi:   $6000

beyond 60 miles please call for pricing

Prenatal Care only:  Some women desire a hospital birth for various reasons. The typical office visit can be a reminder of an assembly line. Often women spend less than 5 minutes with the provider during prenatal visits, or they are seeing a different person with each encounter. Receive care from the same provider at each visit, more than 40 minutes to discuss your needs along with necessary prenatal education. Receive prenatal care it was designed to be, around you. $200 per visit 


Monitrice Care: A doula is a support person for the expectant mother and her partner.  ​A montrice is a trained midwife who performs the role of a doula and also provides clinical support. Receive continuous, hands-on, skilled support during labor at home and at the hospital. A montrice provides physical and emotional support during labor in addition to $2000. (Vaginal exams upon request for patients at or beyond 37 weeks).


Annual exam: $200    Gyn exams:$150

Please note:

  • Base prices are for services provided in Bryan County or within a 30-mile radius.

  • All maternity packages include a non-refundable deposit of $500.


Birth Certificate

With a home birth, you are required to complete a Birth Certificate Worksheet in order to file and obtain your child’s birth certificate and social security card. Here are the steps you need to follow to register your child’s birth and obtain a birth certificate. Complete the birth worksheet provided by the midwife.

  1. Give the completed worksheet to your midwife at the home visit.

  2. The midwife will file the birth record with the vital records office which will ensure it is filed in the right county.

  3. When the birth certificate is ready, you can pick it up with a valid state ID at your county’s vital records office, or by ordering it online. There are processing surcharges and convenience fees if you opt to order a copy online.

Please Note

  • If you are not married to the father of the child, you will need an affidavit of paternity in order to add the father’s name to the birth certificate. (We can give you the form you need for that.)

  • The State charges $25 for the first copy and $5 per additional copy. We always recommend you get at least three copies of your files.

Criteria For Care

  • No previous uterine surgeries

  • Free from any chronic illnesses such as HTN, cardiac disease of diabetes

  • Single gestation

  • First-time parents and/or mothers desiring a first-time natural birth will be required to complete a childbirth education class AND hire a doula.

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