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Genesis has a Latin origin and translates to “birth”. It is the first book of the Bible and is used to emphasize new beginnings. Women are the epicenter of the birthing journey. The genesis of overcoming the dismal birth crisis in America begins with the partnership between women and providers who embrace the normalcy of physiological birth. The Midwifery Model of Care offers this opportunity. Women have the option of a natural birth/ home homebirth with a  family-centered approach. Prenatal care, education, delivery, and postpartum support are personalized based on each woman's unique needs. Compassionate care is integrated through your sacred journey.

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It is our mission to empower every woman so they can bravely reclaim their birth roots.

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Offering all women quality, economical, and safe midwifery care. Striving to be one of the best choices for home-birth / water-birth services.

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